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  • Top Grade Equipment
    A superb collection of microphones and world-class audio converters will guarantee the best possible audio performance.
  • Studio Sound
    We bring most renowned studio tools to your live performance to assure you will sound the same live as on tape.
  • Backing Tracks
    Complex setups have no secrets for us. From redundant playback channels, click tracks, implemented timecode to immersive audio output, no request is too big.
What we bring.


  • 1x DiGiCo S31+
  • 1x DiGiCo DMI Dante 64@96
  • 1x DiGiCo DMI Waves Soundgrid
  • 1x DiGiCo DQ Rack
  • 1x Waves SoundGrid Server Extreme V3
  • 1x Waves SuperRack License
  • 1x Waves Mercury License
  • 2x Blue Kiwi
  • 1x Neumann U87Ai
  • 1x Rode NT2a
  • 2x Neumann KM184
  • 8x Universal Audio SP-1
  • 6x Superlux S241
  • 1x Telefunken M82
  • 1x Audix D6
  • 2x Audix D4
  • 2x Audix D2
  • 2x Audix I5
  • 2x Universal Audio SD-1
  • 2x Shure SM57
  • 3x Shure Beta 58a
  • 1x Shure QLXD24 SM58
  • 1x Shure BLX24 SM58
  • 1x Neve RNDI
  • 3x ART DTI
  • 12x K&M Regular
  • 4x K&M Floor
  • 4x Audix D-Vice Gooseneck
  • 1x Cordial CSE 75 QUAD (4x Cat7a Loom)
  • 6x Cordial CSE 5 NH5
  • 10x Cordial CTM 10 FM-BK
  • 4x Cordial CTM 5 FM-BK
  • 6x Cordial CTM 5 FM-RD
  • 6x Cordial CTM 5 FM-GN
  • 4 Cordial CTM 1 FM-BK
  • 2x Cordial CPM 3 MV
  • 4x Cordial CFM 1,5 MV
  • 4x Pro Snake XLR Angled 5m
  • 4x Custom TRS 1,5m
  • 12x Custom XLR Patch
  • 1x Custom XLR 3,5mm Jack 2m
  • 1x Custom XLR Cinch 2m
  • 2x Viking Cable 7m 16Ch. Neutrik Multi
  • 3x DirectOut ExBox.MD
  • 1x DirectOut ExBox.BLDS
  • 1x RME Digiface Dante
  • 1x RME M-32 Pro DA
  • 2x Neutrik NA2-IO-Dline
  • 1x ESI Planet 22C
  • 2x Neve 1073 OPX
  • 4x Netgear M4250-10G2-F-PoE
  • 2x Custom SoundGrid Server i9-10900k
  • 1x Custom LiveProfessor Server i9-12900ks
  • 1x Custom LiveProfessor Server i9-13900k
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