1. The Stems

First of all, we will need every single file from you. This means all the recording/stem files, all FX tracks and even every bus track used in your original recording/composition project in the highest quality possible. We prefer to receive 96 KHz audiofiles, exported at a resolution of 24 bit. This ensures us to provide the highest possible quality, without any unpleasant sample rate conversion, which automatically degrades the original audio fidelity. Also having a reference mix and even notations with possible remarks are more than welcome, as it will make sure both the producer and writer’s intentions will be translated accordingly in the final master.

2. The deadline

After these files are supplied to us, a deadline date will be discussed in which time frame the first mix will be ready. As we use analog equipment, which is not recallable between sessions, we ask the customer to provide us with feedback as soon as possible in case adjustments have to be made.

3. The deliverables

When all files are approved, all deliverables will be exported complying to all broadcast standards to make sure your composition will sound superb on both airplay media such as radio and television stations and on any other digital streaming platform. These final masters will be supplied in an organised folder containing all required multichannel and stereo files for distribution.

First of all, the consumer will get an out-of-this-world experience. The production will definitely stand out from everything else out there.

Additionally, various streaming services are promoting this content. In return you will receive higher playlisting positions, and you will be more likely to be included in dedicated spatial audio playlists.

It's as simple as writing us an email with all the files and detailed explanation of your needs. We will then get back to you with an offer within 48 hours.

Because of the analog gear being used, this means the studio will be configured for your project only. The longer we have to wait on your feedback, the longer the studio cannot be used and the more expensive it will be for the customer at the end.

From our side, you can expect the same transparant and quick communication to work as efficient as possible.

Due to the object based technology powering Dolby Atmos, it is impossible mastering the final mix. All elements are processed in the Dolby Atmos renderer/decoder and distributed to the right loudspeakers.

The advantage is the scalability of the loudspeaker system. Atmos will always be more accurate in positioning sounds rather than channel based technologies.

However, the major downside of course is the inability to master the final audio mix, resulting in a less impactful experience than channel based systems such as Auro3D.

No! You will receive the full package covering all aspects of mixing and mastering.

Both an immersive mix and a mastered stereo downmix will be delivered.